The Tzimryiians hail from the southwestern peninsula of Erguuna. For centuries, their city-states have warred with one another for control of the area. It was from this hotbed of military action and warring ideologies that many of the principles of modern math and science sprang and, eventually, the study of Alchemy.

Tzimyriians run the gamut of physical features with those from the south tending to be of darker hair and eye colors while those from the north tend toward fair hair and lighter eyes.

Tzimyriians are known for their schools of warrior-philosophers and Alchemists – with much of their society being organized around great houses of warriors and secret brotherhoods of alchemy who control the city-states via politics and might. It is, more often than not, the shifting alliances between these factions which prompt their cities to go to war against one another. Tzimyriians are a thoroughly agnostic, even atheistic, people – believing in personal discipline and science rather than trusting to mysticism and magick. Ironically, Tzimyriian sorcerers have been amongst the most feared and powerful users of the Art.

Those of Tzimyriian ancestry benefit from the following ethnic modifiers.

Tzimyriian Ethnic Traits

  • +1 bonus to Science
  • Fell Handed – Yours is the blood of generations of warrior-philosophers. Your unarmed attacks have a damage modifier of +1.
  • Alchemist’s Fire – You have an affinity for Alchemy born of a culture steeped in its practice. You pay 1 less physical stress to activate any of the trappings of the Alchemy skill.


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