Sometimes the things which make their home beyond the horizons of Creation, the Otherkind, come across into the world – taking on shape, identity, and even purpose for a time. Some even incarnate into the flesh of human beings – or an approximation thereof. They don’t understand humans well enough to get it precisely correct and some taint of their true nature is left in the bodies they form to be their work.

When the Otherkind incarnate as human beings and procreate, for whatever reason, the children born of this union aren’t exactly normal.

Called Rakasa, they are born with a strangeness about themselves which warps the world around them in a subtle, but terrifying way. Rakasa tend to be pale of skin and fine featured – many possessing slightly pointed ears. Their teeth are sharp and their eyes glitter with an alien intelligence. Eye and skin colors rum the gamut but many are known to have red, purple, or blue eyes. Rakasa tend to be either very tall or very short – rarely are they of merely average height.

Mentally, Rakasa are mostly normal save that they are sometimes taken by strange fits and moods where a seemingly other intelligence takes hold of them for a time. In these moments of fey mood, many are borderline sociopathic and some even outright psychopathic – they lose the ability to empathize with others and frequently take capricious actions heedless of potential consequences.

Rakasa are well known for their great agility and hand-eye coordination and for their uncanny, some say supernatural, luck. They do find it difficult to properly identify with and interact with normal human beings, however.

Rakasa Racial Traits

  • +1 bonus to Athletics
  • Alien Moods – You gain the aspect “Alien Moods” at character creation. This aspect can be invoked in situations where your character needs to think outside the box or insulate themselves against harmful mental intrusions. Conversely, it can be compelled to make it more difficult for you to empathize with others or send you into a sociopathic frame of mind. This is a permanent character aspect which can be invoked and compelled as per normal.
  • Strange Luck – You have the strangest fortune. Any time you roll a natural +5 on any check, you immediately regain 1 Fate point. Conversely, any time you roll a natural -5 on any check, you immediately lose 1 Fate point.


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