The Oraanan people live amongst the ruins of a greater and older civilization which perished during the Last Desolation – living out their days amid the bones and dust of the Marble Wastes.

Oraanans are short and stocky of build – downright muscular at times. They tend to be very dark skinned and possess both dark hair and dark eyes. Oraanans tend to be relatively hairless in terms of facial and body hair – a blessing in the harsh heat of their homeland.

Oraanans are a people known for their great love of trade and wealth – there are no finer merchants in all the Known World and their pragmatism and versatility are both very well known. Oraanans play the long game – taking years and years to plan out and execute their life’s goals. This is because many Oraanans are gifted with a touch of the visions which plague the so-called Inspired. More of the Inspired are descended from Oraanan stock than any other people.

Oraanans sometimes have intuitions or flashes of insight which give them a glimpse into the future. This gift is nearly always uncontrollable and varies in intensity from individual to individual and even from incident to incident. Some get little nudges here and there nearly all the time while others have ecstatic visions which occur only once a year or only on the faery moon. The patterns vary greatly from person to person as well…when there are any patterns at all.

Those of Oraanan ancestry benefit from the following ethnic modifiers.

Oraanan Ethnic Traits

  • +1 bonus to Rapport skill
  • The Sight – You may spend 1 Fate point to receive a glimpse into the future. This has one of two benefits: (1) You gain the “Saw It Coming” temporary aspect until the end of the scene, or (2) You may ask the GM one question pertaining to the current situation your character is in or is about to be in whose answer is Yes or No.


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