The Nephilim began as the offspring of Man and Angel in an ago long gone. There have been no true Nephilim in quite some time however – merely those descended from their stock.
Nephilim are uncommonly attractive humans whose irises are flecked by blue-white dots of silver flame which cast a dim radiance in the dark. They are rarely ill and possess a single minded dedication and focus which is, in a word, inhuman.

Nephillim are often craftsmen or artists of some kind – pursuing a single craft to the exclusion of all others. They do not form their own societies and have no traditions to speak of but they do tend to stick together and watch out for one another.

In the current age of suspicion and growing darkness, their kind are rarely welcome in cities where the Church or the Maimed God holds power. Many doubt their Angelic ancestry and would just as soon see their kind wiped out. Was it not an Angel who nearly destroyed the universe, after all?

Nephilim Racial Traits

  • +1 bonus to Craft or Expression
  • Divine Immunity – You may spend 1 Fate point to become immune to sickness and disease until the end of the scene.
  • Pattern Sight – You sometimes catch glimpses of the secret Pattern which underlies all of creation. You may spend 1 Fate to gain the temporary Aspect “Pattern Sight” until the end of the scene. This aspect aids you in matters requiring insight and knowledge.


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