The Mesolinians hail from the Fens of Yrstis in the east – a meandering track of endless marshlands and swamps. Among these waterways, the Mesolinians have developed a peculiar way of life which has stood the test of centuries.

Mesolinians men are known for being above average in height, generally speaking, and tend toward lankiness. Mesolinian women, by contrast, tend to be very short but very petite insofar as their build is concerned.

Mesolinians tend to have brown, hazel, or gray eyes and are well known for producing an inordinate number of blonde haired individuals.

The Mesolinians are known for their excellent rapport with the wildlife of the swamps they call home. They possess an ability to bond with wild creatures on an empathic level which is startling in its strength. Mesolinians are also known to be highly resistant to most forms of toxins due to generations of exposure to some of the most poisonous flora and fauna in the Known World.

Those of Mesolinian ancestry benefit from the following ethnic modifiers.

Mesolinian Ethnic Traits

  • +1 bonus to Survival skill
  • Empathic Bond – You gain a +2 bonus to any Rapport skill checks made to communicate with, train, or otherwise influence wild creatures you encounter. This bonus only applies to encounters with natural creatures – supernatural beasts are not affected by your empathy.
  • Pick Your Poison – You gain a +2 bonus to Endurance skill checks made to resist the effects of poison or toxins. This modifier also applies to resisting the effects of drugs and alcohol.


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