The Fiendborn are far more common in this day and age than any would like to believe – being the offspring of those who have consorted with Demons. Demonic manifestation is a very rare thing – most of the time such children are the result of the pairing of one who has been merely possessed by a Demon with a willing (or unwilling) partner. Many demon worshipping cults conduct rituals whose aim it is to produce Fiendborn children.

Fiendborn are often born with grotesque deformities and strange features which make their long term survivability questionable – many die at birth due to congenital defects or face death at the hands of those who would eliminate them for what they are. Those who live and survive usually look more human than the rest. All Fiendborn have eyes which glow a dim red when light is shined into them, however.

Fiendborn possess great physical strength and an almost supernatural ability to beguile, facinate, and deceive others. They are also frequently addicted to certain vices but this is not always so.

Fiendborn Racial Traits

  • +1 bonus to Might or Endurance
  • Silver Tongue – You can lie like nobody’s business. You gain a +2 bonus to any Persuasion check made to lie, deceive, or mislead by word or deed.
  • Flame Kissed – You may concentrate the power within your blood to become immune to the touch of flame for a while. You may spend 1 Fate to become immune to the effects of normal (non-magical) flames or heat until the end of the scene.


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