The Marked

The Marked are referenced in ancient texts and stories as wanderers and exiles – accursed and driven to the brink of madness and ruin by a mysterious symbol affixed to their flesh by some unknown process.

Probably the most influential story concerning The Marked pertains to the heroin Thessaly of Isquerite.

It is an open secret amongst the Vigilant Order that their members are also Marked – whether this is the same kind of Mark referred to in the stories or not is unknown however. Many of the qualities of the Mark branded into the flesh of the Vigilant seem to match up with those of the stories.

The Marked, according to the tales, can sense the presence of others with their affliction at a distance and can also sense the presence of supernatural activity. But this awareness makes the supernatural, in turn, keenly aware of those bearing this sigil – drawing them to the Marked as a moth to flames. Most who are Marked are driven mad or killed as a result of this.

It appears that the effect of the Mark can be suppressed via certain remedies and magicks for a limited period of time.

The Marked

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