The Inspired

The Inspired first began to appear at some point in the ancient past – pre-dating the Last Desolation by some stretch of time.

Seemingly completely Human – save for inordinately high intelligence – the Inspired are blessed (or cursed) with a supernatural level of insight into the future, the past, and possibility itself – their gaze effortlessly breaking down the secrets of the universe as they look upon it.

Every once in a while (it varies greatly form individual to individual), the Inspired fall into a fugue state wherein their insight into how the universe really works drives them into a type of temporary insanity. Only one thing seems to snap them out of it – allowing them to act upon their impetus to create and build The closer they come to entering this state, the more their gift seeks to break apart the universe around them in an effort to understand all things. The fugue comes upon them when their vision is at its most potent. When the fugue leaves them they are, for a time, left relatively unburdened by their strange insights.

The Inspired have been responsible for some of the most remarkable inventions and advancements in science, medicine, engineering, architecture, and mathematics the world has ever known. Some Inspired have written epic poetry or devised entirely new languages instead. Still others have designed creations that boggle the mind – infectious ideas that consume entire populations in madness and terror.

Inspired Template Traits
Prerequisites: Must have an Aspect related to being Inspired
Refresh Cost: -3 Refresh

  • +1 bonus to Academics, Craft, Expression, Science, and Technology
  • Fugue of the Inspired: You may spend 1 Fate point to enter a manic creative state lasting 1d6 days. During this time you have little control over your own actions – you are driven by the mad urge to design, build, and create. During this time, all Academics, Craft, Expression, Science, and Technology checks count as being Heroic tier skills (You roll 2d6 minus 1d6 rather than 1d6 minus 1d6) for you. You must, however, pay 2 Fate points to resist any compels made against your aspects during this period.

The Inspired

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