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Be Ever Watchful

The Angels are dead; lost in incandescent fire – ever falling, ever tumbling across the sky. In an age now long gone, they fought the Demons over the fate of all the cosmos. Their war raged for an eon – threatening to destroy everything that was or could ever be. Until one Angel, one mad fool, decided to put an end to it by destroying both Angel and Demon alike.

The world was nearly lost in the catastrophic aftermath. Humanity had to learn to fight for itself – to fend off the Darkness which remained. There were those who fought back – those who said, “No.” They who strove to snatch the innocent from the jaws of the wicked were called the Vigilant. This is their story.

All of Creation

The Known World –
Ardura, Cruxica, Evrem, Gileash, Komesk, Leurig, Mesolin, Oraan, Tzimryii.

The Unfinished Lands -
Agyria, Merralt, Nestrys, Xaruidin.

The Domains of the Otherkind

Realms Beyond

The Heavens, The Celestial Tapestry, The Primal Chaos, The Labyrinth, The Shadow, The Depths, The Outer Darkness

Beings, Races, and Ethnic Groups

Beings –
Angels, Devils, Demons, Spirits, Otherkind

Human Ethnicities -
Arduran, Evremi, Gilly, Komeski, Leurigese, Mesolinian, Oraanan, Tzimyriian, Silent

Human Races –
Fiendborn, Nephilim, Rakasa, Human, Edain

Djinn Races –
Ifrit, Marid, Ghul, Pari, Erisayed

Factions, Orders, and Institutions of Note

The Order of VigilantsVigilant Training and Life, Vigilant Holdings

The Church of the Maimed God, The Keepers of the Old Way, The Bound, The Redeemed Ones, The Institute, The Arduran Gunsmith’s Guild, The Sainted of the Blade

Vigilant’s Guide to the Monstrous and Unclean

Demons – The Lustful, The Wrathful, The Avaricious, The Proud, The Slothful, The Envious, The Gluttonous, The Treacherous, The Princes of Hell, the Unformed

Devils – The Devil Kings, The Fallen One

The Dead – Ghosts, Empty Ones, Corpse-Riders, Wraiths, Revenants, Vampires, Bones, Bone Lords, Liches, Reapers

Shifters – Garou, Dopplegangers, Crow-Children, Proteans, Vitsane, Face Dancers, Ursulein, Were-Spiders

Otherkind – Fetches, Swords, Chalices, Scales, Wands, Crowns, Goblins

Spirits – Primordials, Elementals, Conceptuals

Miscellaneous – Chymeras, Crones, Wyrms

Lores, Magicks, and the Strange

The Lores of the Vigilant, Sorcery, Magi, The Inspired, Alchemy, The Marked, Patternwalking, The Pattern of Creation, The Eternal Source

Game System & Misc.

Advantages, Aspects, Skills, Stress and Consequences, Equipment, Character Creation Steps, Character Questionairre, Character Advancement

Main Page

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