The Leurigese are called the People of Song. Their cultural heritage is one of music and lyricism – to an almost absurd degree.

The Leurigese possess an almost supernatural sense of hearing – they can perceive pitches and frequencies of sound which other humans barely know exist. The Leurigese also possess a strange form of synesthesia in that they are each able to “switch” one of their other sense with that of their sense of hearing – gaining the ability to hear color, hear what something tastes like, hear what something feels like, hear what something looks like, or even hear what something smells like. They can also reverse this effect to, for instance, feel what something sounds like in a tactile capacity. This can have very interesting effects.

Each of the Leurigese possesses one or more strains of this synesthetic sense of hearing – it is extremely rare for any to possess more than two or three however.

Leurigese are of average height and build but are well known for producing individuals with red or blonde hair. Eye color can vary drastically among the Leurigese but those with the ability to substitute hearing for sight are born with pale lavender eyes.

Those of Leurigese ancestry benefit from the following ethnic modifiers.

Leurigese Ethnic Traits

  • +1 bonus to Expression skill
  • Auditory Synesthesia – Choose Touch, Taste/Smell, or Sight. You may spend 1 Fate point to gain the ability to perceive sensations normally associated with that sense via your sense of hearing for the rest of the scene. You gain a +2 bonus to Perception checks made to perceive stimulus in this manner. Alternatively, you may reverse this effect to experience sound as an extension of the chosen sense instead.


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