The Komeski come from the mountains and valleys south of the Great Southern Forest. They are an industrious, expansionist people with a very high focus on science and technology.

Traditionally, the Komeski were the chief rivals of the Ardurans. Both cultures are, essentially, warlike in nature. The Ardurans and Komeski were locked in a centuries old feud between the rulers of their perspective countries – until the Komeski Revolution purged the old government and began the transformation of the nation of Komesk into a center for industry and technology. The Komesk sued for peace and have focused on bettering their peoples quality of life ever since.

Komeski are of middling height and broad of shoulder – with fair skin and fair hair. Most have light eyes – gray, blue, or green. Their great dedication and passionate pursuit of the things which interest them is well known. The phrase, “Curious as a Komesk,” exists for a very good reason.

Those of Komeski ancestry benefit from the following ethnic modifiers.

Komeski Ethnic Traits

  • +1 bonus to Resolve skill
  • Focused – Reduce the cost of increasing the Craft, Science, and Technology skills by 1 XP per point.
  • Mixed Unit Tactics – Your people wrote the book on cooperative tactics in warfare. You gain a +1 bonus to Melee, Ranged, or Unarmed attacks made versus any opponent an ally is already adjacent to or attacking.


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