The Evremi hail from a coastal region. Much of their culture and day-to-day lives are centered around fishing, swimming, and sailing. After the Last Desolation, the Evremi emerged as the foremost seafarers in the Known World.

Evremi are a shorter people – generally lithe of build and of darker complexion. Most Evremi are born with gold or brown eyes – giving them an exotic cast to their features. Evremi women are known, in particular, for their fiery personalities and Evremi culture is, to a great degree, matriarchal in nature. Most Evremi have brown, black, or, rarely, red hair.

Those of Evremi ancestry benefit from the following ethnic modifiers.

Evremi Ethnic Traits

  • +1 bonus to Persuasion skill
  • Wave Born – You gain a +1 bonus to any use of Athletics or Endurance made to swim or hold ones breath.
  • Intuitive Navigator – You may spend 1 Fate point to instantly and unerringly determine your position in relation to the direction of true north.


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