Ardurans hail from the rugged highlands in and around the Great Northern Forest. Originally a warlike people, the Ardurans conquered the local tribes native to the area after arriving from the Roof of the World following the Last Desolation. It is believed they were driven out of the far north by a great evil – or so it’s implied by the tales.

The Ardurans settled down after a time – interbreeding with the locals to create a hardy, strong-willed people with a penchant for warfare. Ardurans are tall, broad shouldered specimens known for their dark hair and light eyes – a striking combination.

Those of Arduran ancestry benefit from the following ethnic modifiers.

Arduran Ethnic Traits

  • +1 bonus to Endurance skill
  • Bred for War – You gain a +3 bonus, rather than a +2, any time you spend a Fate point to invoke an aspect to enhance your use of the Melee or Unarmed skills.
  • Resilience – Reduce the time it takes to heal physical consequences by 1/2.


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