Seraphina "Haze" Hayes

A friendly but clumsy Apprentice Vigilant who is determined to protect the weak from evil, no matter the form.


Seraphina Hayes is an attractive 17 year old Apprentice Vigilant with a curvy shape, long red hair, and pale lavender eyes, suggesting she is of Leurigese decent.


Seraphina is a happy and vibrant young woman. She is generally a very friendly and welcoming person, with one main exception. She does not tolerate bullying and will often go out of her way to protect the weak. Seraphina is also quite the klutz. If there is a commotion or crash, most likely, she is in the middle of it. She knows little about her beginnings and doesn’t mind if it stays that way. The little she knows involves the Hayes Orphanage in Ardura where she lived until she was sent to the Vigilant Order. She is very determined and will not let anyone or anything stand between her and her goals. Her primary goal in life is to become Vigilant and someday maybe even Master so that she can make people see the true value in the Vigilant Order.

Seraphina joined the Vigilant Order around 7 years old. She became an Initiate until she passed her examinations three years later. When she became an Apprentice, Roz Callum became her mentor. Although his methods are questionable, Seraphina learned not to question him and simply does as she’s told. Over the years, she has adapted to his teaching methods while continuing to pursue her own small hobbies and projects. She very much looks up to Roz and doesn’t tolerate anyone bad-mouthing him. This doesn’t stop her from trying to pull pranks and catch him off his guard.

Along with Roz, Sera has met several others in the Order she spends a great deal of time with. She is fairly popular and doesn’t often get time to herself. She has a fair amount of friends, but many of them get annoyed often at her for her accident prone ways. Among her friends is the fiendborn Apprentice Alastair Morgenstern whom she met in one of her classes. They became sparring partners and spent many hours together in and out of the practice ring. He has become one of the very few people to look past her clumsiness and fully accept her.

Seraphina "Haze" Hayes

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