Alastair Morgenstern

Fiendborn who wants to protect the weak and punish the wicked.


Alastair is a 17 year old Tzimyriian who is roughly six feet tall with short black hair and mismatched eyes (dark green and brown). He has a pretty powerful build and fights primarily with spiked gauntlets. Nearly his entire back is covered from burn scars from when his family home was burned down as a child.


Alastair grew up in the small Tzimyriian farming village of Rhamarz with his parents and younger brother. The mismatched nature of his eyes led many to believe that he was touched with some form of supernatural heritage, though he never really believed it. After an exceptionally bad harvest, the superstitious among the villagers blamed his family and set fire to their home. He was able to survive when his fiendborn heritage was able to protect him from the flames, but not before he suffered pretty serious burns on most of his back.

With the house burned down, the villagers assumed the family was dead and Alastair stole away in the night. He had always heard stories from his father about the Vigilant and their noble struggle against evil. Seeing no other real option, he decided that they would be his best option. Along his long journey to the Iron Citadel, he saw many kindnesses and cruelties that people are capable of and decided that if he was to join the Vigilant he would do what he could to make the world a better place. He also decided that he would not hide his heritage; that he would wear it like a badge and show that more than one’s birth determined their fate and hopefully keep others from experiencing the pain that he has suffered.

Upon reaching the Citadel, he was admitted into the Order. Over the years, he trained his body and turned it into a weapon, focusing on his aptitude for unarmed combat. He uses a set of spiked gauntlets and has specialized in Eumedico and Demonology Lore, deciding that fighting evil forces as the best way to prove what he wants to the world. As an apprentice, he was put in the charge of Feres Mystling. Through his training, he has met another fighter, Seraphina “Haze” Hayes, and has become her sparring partner.

He is now 17 and is weeks away from graduating into a full Vigilant and is excited to finally be taking the next step…

Alastair Morgenstern

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