Meeting the Team and a Mission to Kormhest
As Narrated by Alastair

I woke up fairly early to begin my normal training regimen and eat my standard pre-breakfast breakfast. I had an hour, so I was able to take my time before meeting with my mentor, Feres Mystling. After the light meal, I headed to the gate for my meeting, only to find that Cinaed was already there, taking shots at wine bottles with his crossbow. I knew of the man and knew him to be of excellent character, but didn’t have a lot of experience with him in the past. Upon conversing with him, I found that he was to meet his mentor here, as well. It was an odd occurrence to me, but the mentors did not always tell the others of their plans so coincidences like this did sometimes happen.

We were shortly joined by Domnhall, my fellow trainee under Mentor Mystling. I expected he may come for the meeting as well, but was surprised that he was actually on time; I had known he was drinking quite heavily the night before as was his way, but the man could handle the drink better than any I had ever encountered. Shortly after Domnhall’s arrival, a loud crashing was heard and Seraphina “Haze” Hayes collapsed in the square with us. I was used to this arrival as Seraphina was my long time sparring partner, though I suppose everyone knew about her clumsiness. She informed us that she was there to meet Roz Callum, her mentor. At this point, everything about this seemed odd. Two mentors arranging meetings like this I could count to chance, but three?

It was at this time that we noticed that the mentors were late. For Davera Theenynt, Cinaed’s mentor, this was no great surprise, but for Mystling and Callum, it was very odd. We decided to check with the gate’s guard to see if he had seen the Vigilant we were to meet. He was asleep at his post, but after we stirred him, he gave us messages from our mentors, who had passed through earlier in the day. They had tasked us with investigating the disappearance of children from the village of Kormhest, south of the Iron Citadel. To make things more exciting, they gave us three days to accomplish the task. Needless to say, I was excited to finally be sent on a mission without the mentors and prove myself.

After heading to the mess hall for breakfast and to procure rations (Various other…Incidents…Occurred as well, but they were hardly worth mentioning…), we set off to the village. While passing through the woods to Kormhest, we sensed an issue off of the road. When we moved to investigate, and found a company of soldiers, torn to shreds. From what we were able to gather of the gristly scene, the soldiers were killed by a single individual. They were absurdly strong and seemed to tear through their camp with little resistance. We decided to keep heading to the town and send a messenger with our findings back to the Citadel when we arrived.

When we finally did arrive, the villagers appeared to be shoring up their defenses. It was odd, but we decided to keep moving until we found the mayor. He sent a messenger to the Citadel with our report and took us to the most recent kidnapping scene. After inspecting the scene, Seraphina determined that were-spiders were behind the disappearances. After getting some supplies, we headed to the quarry, the area the mayor said best matched the typical lair of were-spiders. As we approached, we found many webs and signs of the spiders. We have begun our decent to the caves of the quarry, but I can’t help but wonder just what horrors we will find within…

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